Community Education

Education for the Community

Traumatic brain injuries can affect anyone – young, old, adolescent; everyone is at risk. Brain injuries can have long-lasting and catastrophic results, but knowledge is power. Through our Community Education Program we provide presentations for professionals, employers, community service agencies, faith groups and more on a variety of topics surrounding TBI. When available, we partner with survivors who provide real life experience to further demonstrate the importance of understanding TBI.

Currently we offer two presentations:

Traumatic Brain
Injury (TBI) 101

This is intended to be a basic overview of traumatic brain injury for any audience; what it is, how it can happen, common symptoms, etc.

TBI 101 also gives a brief intro into some accommodations that can be made, as well as how we can help individuals living with a brain injury. 



This training is geared towards employers and individuals who work closely to support a survivor of traumatic brain injury. It also serves as a follow-up presentation to TBI 101.

In here, we detail specific struggles commonly faced by survivors and why they may experience these issues, as well as offering many solutions to work through those struggles.


In any presentation, we leave plenty of time at the end for Q & A, as we know how multi-faceted brain injury can be and we can only cover so much in one meeting time. We strongly encourage people to ask any questions they may have- nothing is off the table! Better yet, send us your questions ahead of time and we will be sure to answer it during the presentation.

If you would like to schedule a presentation, please contact us.