Resource Navigation

Resource Navigation Services

Resource navigation may be for you or someone you care for who has sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury. Our services are free and can be delivered via phone or face-to-face.

Resource navigation provides support to those living with TBI regardless of where they are in the recovery process. From initial injury to rehabilitation to returning to typical life, our Navigator will assist you with adapting to your current situations.

Resource navigation will assist you in accessing community resources such as benefits, therapies, and other supportive services. Our goal is to ensure that you find solutions that suit your situation as quickly as possible.

Beyond accessing services, our Navigator will listen carefully to your situation and assist you in developing solutions that allow you to reach your own goals.

* Resource Navigation is a non-medical service that does not diagnose or treat clients.

Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide

Navigating the vast resources in our geographic area can be a challenge for anyone. This resource list is made to be a guide to assist survivors and those in their support system.

Organized by needs filled, the list is intended to be easily accessible to all who may benefit from it.

How could Resource Navigation help?

Resource Navigation helps with:

  • Accessing financial benefits
  • Developing skills to gain employment
  • Navigating medical service systems
  • Adjusting to life with a traumatic brain injury

* Resource Navigation is a non-medical service that does not diagnose or treat clients.

Here is an example scenario:

After sustaining a TBI 10 years ago, a survivor struggled to make it to doctor’s appointments due to their inability to drive, as well as forgetting appointments. The Navigator would work with the survivor to seek transportation services or help them develop the ability to ride public transportation.

Together, the survivor and Navigator would create a planner system that worked for the survivor’s lifestyle and injury to help them remember their appointments.